In expressions of spirit, hand and thought I welcome you!

Shown here is a selection of my paintings, in various mediums.

     My working process involves a lot of direct physical contact with the surface, using paper towels, sponges, and finger painting to imbue the work with a tactile personal expression.
      For many years I worked primarily in oils but have recently started working more with acrylics. With my love of experimenting with different techniques the fast drying quality of acrylics work well for that. I find great satisfaction in the discoveries made in the process of painting.
     The body of my work includes expressive as well as paintings done with a layered process of transparent color. Some works are done in a life studio with a model in which you have limited amount of time forcing you to work quickly. Working with energy in the moment helps you to bypass the thinking part of you and draw from a more instinctive level.
     My paintings have an abstract style for the most part with some representation. Recently have been doing some paintings that are more pure abstract.
     Color, for me is a very important element in relating sensory experience of light, energy and emotions. On the surface, the goal is to bring many elements together in an evolving relationship of shapes, patterns and colors but also to bring an element of mystery and intrigue.